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About us

From a modest beginning in 1988, the Zephyr Enterprises (P) Ltd. has catapulted to zenith in manufacturing and supply of analytical testing equipment for destructive and non-destructive tests of materials. Zephyr was founded by Mr. Kalidas Nandy a visionery and an enterpreneur. Being a Science graduate and education lover he dreamt to incept a business a gentle view and customer-friendly attitude. Since his 30 years tenure of business he rendered a special care for the marketing technique and technical innovtion towards society which became a landmark for the new generation. Hw always loves hard work and provides service before going to sleep. On his way of vision his affectionate son Sri Chiradip Nandy equipped the business on modern thinking which caters a new generation gateway. C. Nandy is not only an enterpreneur but also a social worker desires to emancipate the various social difficulties.

Zephyr equipments are well known for their robust design, long effective life, highest quality, fine accuracy and trouble-free performance. the company is situated in the heart of the City and has its in-house production unit/Warehouse at 4, Utsav Park, Sankrail Industrial Area, Howrah. At source and in-plant inspections of purchased products are stringent enough to verify that in-coming materials meet the specifications. Work in progress (W.I.P.) inspection at workstation ensures that input materials in behaving well during processing applications.

The Zephyr equipments are also used in:- Rolling Mills, Foundries, forging plants and other Ferrous/Non-Ferrous metal-based industries. Soil, cement, Aggregate, Asphalt, Plastic, Rubber, Polymers, Paper/ pulp, plywood/ card Board, Corrugated Asbestos Sheet, Sand, Paints/ Varnishes/ Insulators, Petroleum, Oil Grease, Yarns, Fabrics, leather products, footwear and a variety of other Product industries.

The wide spectrum of testing equipments supplied by the company offers immense opportunities to choose equipment exactly matching their requirements at an affordable price. most of the testing equipments supplied by the company are in professional Colleges, Schools, Universities, Laboratories, Railways, Test house, Engg. Colleges and Govt. departments and they have enriched their testing laboratories by installing Zephyr equipment for determining the physical properties and functions like Tensile/Compressive/Shear strengths, impact torsional characteristics of allied requirements.

A technical team attends installation and other on-site services promptly. The company have a vast pool of satisfied customers beyond doubt, who favour the company with repeat orders.

All the experimentation and improvement shows company's quench for highest customer satisfaction is unending. ISO 9001-2000 quality management system developed and certified is a step forward in the consolidation of company place in the market in the most professional way.